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Welcome to my Web site and I hope you enjoy my poems
I would like to tell you a little about myself, I was born in Portsmouth, in New Road. My father, Fred Newton, was a Fruit and Potato Merchant. When I was small I went to church with my Dad because, He Said ‘It was good for me’ …(I went because I loved singing).
I knew there was something that made me continue, but was not sure what it was. In time I stopped going to church.
I did the usual things, like…growing up, getting married, having three lovely children, watching them, grow up…. a busy life you might say.
Then I went to Tangier Road Baptist Church, heard about Jesus, how He would be my friend and walk beside me, and be there when I felt alone. He filled my emptiness, when my Mother and Father died within 4 months of each other.
Slowly, I became more aware of God, who had sacrificed His only Son to die on a cross for me, at Calvary.
Then the Lord gave me a gift, to write Poetry, it was just before my youngest Son Bruce got married, that day I said to him. ‘Bruce, I’m going up stairs to write you a poem for your Wedding day’, Bruce, matter of factually said, O.K. Mum, see you later!
It was from then on, words for my poems frequently came into my mind, and I would write them down, especially at night, because by the morning, they had disappeared.
I was an S.E.N in the Maternity unit, at St Mary’s Hospital, whilst helping the Midwife, words would come into my mind, and when I could, I would dash out from the delivery room, and quickly write them down.
I am not very good at expressing myself very well in conversation, but I am privileged to be able to share through my Poems, the Good News’ of Gods love and greatness, and His companionship. He is our Abba Father… our Heavenly Father.
So if by this method I can show others what Jesus has done for me, I will continue to express myself in this way. I am prepared to go wherever I feel the Holy Spirit leading me….why not, ….for it is…


                       Barbara 2008.

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Barbara's Poems-

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